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The Heart of Pachamama – Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Retreat at the Yoga Forest in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 25.09. – 03.10.17

Let’s come together in magical San Marcos, Guatemala to celebrate Pachamama – Mother Earth, her beauty and abundance and her grounding and nurturing energy with gratitude and love for all that she is giving us.

Through Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic ceremonies we will join our hearts in unity with the Earth raising our vibration to one of love and compassion helping us to make positive changes in our lives and the lives of others.


This 9 day retreat (25.09.-03.10.17) will help us to re-connect with what is truly important in our lives, giving us a new perspective and at the same time encouraging us to use all our wonderful gifts and talents in a way that make our hearts sing.

Set in the mountains overlooking mighty Lake Atitlan “The Yoga Forest” is one of the most magical retreat venues we have ever visited. Here we will deeply dive into our hearts and the heart of Pachamama co-creating the most invigorating and inspiring space for healing and transformation.


The retreat will be taught and held by Maren Lander with assistance of Candace Blair. We will also have the honour to experience the work of Guest Cacao Shamans Keith Wilson and Barbara Gitlin as well as Mayan Shaman Izaias Mendoza.

What to expect:

2 hours Kundalini Yoga daily

2 Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies, one  of them with Keith Wilson and Barbara Gitlin img_0225

Sound Healing

Ecstatic Dance

Healing Circle

Three vegetarian meals daily

Experiencing life in a Guatemalan village



Mayan Fire Ceremony with Izaias Mendoza



£795 or 995 US Dollars for shared accommodation. All classes, ceremonies, food and excursions are included. Not included are flights and airport transfer.

How to book

You can secure your place by paying a 30 % non refundable deposit to Maren. Please get in touch with her for more details

mobile 0044 (0) 7886336503


Bio for Marenimg_0010

Maren is a KRI certified Level I and Level II Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, who trained in the UK and France. She also works with sound through the healing vibrations of the Chiron Gong and holds Shamanic Ceremonies, such as Cacao and Fire Ceremonies.

Over the last 5 years Maren has taught at well known Yoga Studios and Wellness Centres in London, such as Tri Yoga, Evolve Wellness Centre and the Breath of Life Clinic.

She now specialises in holding retreats and workshops in the UK as well as internationally, combining her skills and different healing methods to give participants inspiring and transformative experiences.

Maren is a heart centred teacher, who guides her students in a gentle, but powerful way always reminding them to find love and forgiveness for themselves. She is passionate about helping everyone achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance and unlock their creative potential by offering a safe space for them to relax, expand and heal.

Bio for Candace IMG_0410

Candace spent the past 21 years working on the trading floor, as an investment banking executive, in San Francisco, Zurich and London. Six years ago, she was introduced to Kundalini yoga as an antidote to stress related back pain. Through a combination of regular classes and selected meditations she was able to resolve her back issues, slowly integrating a daily practice into her hectic work schedule. It was then she began to feel the amazing benefits of a real mind, body and spirit balance. Inspired by her own transformational experience, Candace chose to expand her knowledge by completing her teacher training at the Karam Kriya school in London. Following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, her goal is to inspire students to raise their awareness, to explore their creative potential and to feel strong, clear and connected. Candace regularly incorporates sound healing and gong meditation to further facilitate the release of blocked energy and as an aid to calm the mind. Candace’s classes are joyful and inclusive with the goal of “raising the vibration, one class at a time”.

We can’t wait to spend this magical time with you. You are loved. Aho!