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Breath of Life Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, Opening Retreat Christmas 2015 with Kundalini Yoga, Gong, Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies etc.

I have been working for Breath of Life founded by Sam Kankaganame for over two years now and quite a few of you have experienced the beautiful retreats they have been running in the UK as well as internationally. I am very excited and feel blessed to be part of this wonderful project.After 25 years in the making, Sam’s vision to share his life’s inspiration has been realised. Sam left his Sri Lankan homeland, age 18; his dream has been to return to his country to build a universal space that stimulates and creates new possibilities and growth for all those who visit, benefitting not only international guests but local communities too.

Sam draws on his own rich tapestry of life experiences, taking inspiration from his own rural adventures and childhood days spent in the company of local Sri Lankans and combining this with extensive study, his professional practice and commitment to holistic healthcare in the UK as well as a network of extraordinary friends, colleagues and patients. Collaborating with his brother Sudheera, and London-based colleague Natasha Tillie, they translate health, business and hospitality know-how into Breath of Life Sanctuary’s life-enhancing retreats.

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Retreats and Bespoke Packages:

Opening Christmas Retreat 23.12.15 – 02.01.16

We have three exciting retreats coming up for you, starting with the Opening Retreat over Christmas, where we will celebrate and honour the land and the new healing space and connect deeply with our hearts.

You will experience twice daily Kundalini Yoga sessions, Group Healing with Sound and Dance, Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Fire Ceremony, Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatments, Outings, Nutritious fresh food and wonderful uplifting company.

New Year Retreat 22.01.16 – 31.01.16

Easter Retreat 25.03.16 – 03.04.16

Bespoke Packages

The Sanctuary offers a wide range of packages tailored to your needs. The programs are an integrative system of healing that blends advanced scientific principles of the west and ancient wisdom of the east.

By treating each individual as a whole, the necessary changes can be made and long lasting results can be created. Take a look at the the Bespoke Retreat Menu

We would love to welcome you in Sri Lanka. If you need more info and for booking please contact Natasha